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Abantu bari muri Amerika, Kanada, Ubwongereza, Ubufaransa n'Ububirigi bashobora kwumva Radio Inyabutatu ku matelefoni yabo agendanwa hatitawe k'ubwoko bwa telefoni bafite, ntabwo bisaba ko telefoni yawe iba iriho amafaranga ya internet ntanubwo bisaba ko telefoni yawe iba ifite option ya internet muriyo, icyo usabwa ni uguhamagara umwe muri iyi
mirongo ya telefoni ikurikira:

1. Umurongo wo mu Bwongereza ni: (+44)

2. Umurongo wo muri Amerika na Kanada ni: (+1) 712.432.5797

Iyi mirongo yombi ushobora kuyihamagara ukoresheje telephone mobile cyangwa telephone fixe.

Iyo uhamagaye kuri umwe muri iyi mirongo wumva Radio Inyabutatu kandi nta mafaranga wishyura.

Abafite telephone zifite skype bo bashobora guhamagara kuri izi telephone bagakurikirana gahunda za Radio Inyabutatu hatitawe ku gihugu baba barimo, nabwo ntibishyura.


Telephone:+44 20 83 60 23 61

Facebook:Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu


Telephone: +44 20 83 60 23 61


Facebook:Radio Inyabutatu
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